Cakery Classic CAKE Unboxing

Our cakes are shipped frozen with ice packs, but it is normal and okay for your cake to arrive at room temperature. Simply follow the instructions below.
  1. Once received, immediately open the box and remove the container of cake (keep the cake inside the plastic container) and place it in the freezer. Freeze for a least 2 hrs. (Can freeze up to 3 months.)
  2. Remove from freezer and complete the remaining preparation steps. You don’t want the cake to defrost before completing the following steps. Note: Complete preparation steps at least 3 hours before you plan to serve.
  3. Remove lid. Do not remove the cardboard disc.
  4. Place platter or plate on top of the container.
  5. While holding both the bottom of the container and the plate – flip the cake over onto the plate.
  6. Gently squeeze the sides of the container and push down on the top of the container to help loosen the cake. 
  7. Slowly lift the container up and off the cake.
  8. Remove the sticker/tape where the seams of the collar meet, and gently peel off the clear collar.
  9. Optional: Decorate with enclosed bonus toppings. If you ordered special sprinkles, candles or toppers, add them at this time. Have fun with it!
  10. Allow cake to come up to room temperature (approx. 3 hours) before serving.
  12. STORAGE:

    • Unopened CAKE:
      • Freeze up to 3 months
    • Opened CAKE
      • Refrigerate up to 7 days in a closed container
      • Room temperature up to 3 days in a closed container.
      • Freeze up to 4 weeks in a closed container.

    Tip: Keep our container for storage